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The presidential debate with Trump and Biden: Live updates

The highly anticipated presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden is finally here, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. With just weeks to go until the election, both candidates are looking to make their case to the American people and sway any undecided voters.

The debate is being held at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and is being moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. The format of the debate will consist of six 15-minute segments, each focusing on a different topic chosen by Wallace.

As the debate gets underway, both candidates wasted no time in attacking each other’s records and policies. President Trump touted his administration’s handling of the economy and the coronavirus pandemic, while Biden criticized Trump’s response to the pandemic and his divisive rhetoric.

One of the key topics of discussion was the Supreme Court vacancy left by the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. President Trump defended his decision to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to the court, while Biden argued that the nomination should wait until after the election.

As the debate went on, tensions between the two candidates continued to rise, with both Trump and Biden interrupting each other and trading barbs. Wallace struggled to maintain control of the debate, as both candidates frequently went over their allotted time and talked over each other.

One of the most memorable moments of the debate came when Biden told Trump to “shut up” after the president repeatedly interrupted him. The heated exchange highlighted the animosity between the two candidates and the divisive nature of this election.

Overall, the first presidential debate was a contentious and chaotic affair, with both candidates making their case to the American people. With two more debates scheduled before election day, it remains to be seen how the candidates will continue to engage with each other and address the pressing issues facing the country.

As the debate draws to a close, it’s clear that the stakes are higher than ever in this election. With the country facing numerous challenges, including the ongoing pandemic, economic uncertainty, and social unrest, voters will have to carefully consider which candidate is best equipped to lead the country forward.