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French exit polls point to National Rally leading in first vote round

In a surprising turn of events, French exit polls are indicating that the far-right National Rally party is leading in the first round of voting in the country’s presidential election. The party, led by Marine Le Pen, has been gaining momentum in recent years, with a focus on anti-immigration and nationalist policies.

The exit polls suggest that Le Pen has garnered around 27% of the vote, ahead of incumbent President Emmanuel Macron, who is trailing with around 23% of the vote. This result is a significant shift from previous polls, which had consistently shown Macron as the frontrunner.

The National Rally’s strong showing in the first round of voting is a reflection of the growing dissatisfaction with Macron’s leadership, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic challenges facing the country. Le Pen has been able to capitalize on this discontent, positioning herself as a strong leader who will prioritize the interests of the French people.

If the results hold true, it would set the stage for a runoff between Le Pen and Macron in the second round of voting. This would be a rematch of the 2017 election, in which Macron defeated Le Pen by a wide margin. However, given the current political climate in France, the outcome of the runoff is far from certain.

The rise of the National Rally and the potential for Le Pen to become the next president of France has sparked concern among many in the country and across Europe. Le Pen’s nationalist and anti-EU rhetoric has raised fears of a shift towards populism and isolationism in French politics.

As the final results of the election are tallied, it remains to be seen whether the National Rally will maintain its lead or if Macron will stage a comeback in the second round of voting. Whatever the outcome, the rise of the far-right in France is a clear sign of the changing political landscape in Europe.