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Career consultant says Gen Z are misusing AI to generate cover letters

As technology continues to advance, more and more job seekers are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help them in their job search. However, according to career consultant Lisa Smith, many members of Generation Z are misusing AI when it comes to generating cover letters.

Cover letters have long been a crucial part of the job application process, allowing candidates to showcase their skills and experiences in a more personalized way than a resume. However, with the rise of AI tools that can generate cover letters based on a few key pieces of information, some job seekers are taking a shortcut that could ultimately harm their chances of landing a job.

According to Smith, these AI-generated cover letters often lack the personal touch and specificity that hiring managers are looking for. “When a hiring manager reads a cover letter, they want to see that the candidate has taken the time to research the company and understand how their skills and experiences align with the job requirements,” Smith explains. “AI-generated cover letters can come across as generic and impersonal, which is a big turn-off for recruiters.”

Smith advises members of Generation Z to use AI tools as a starting point for their cover letters, but to take the time to customize and personalize each one before submitting it with their job application. “Hiring managers can spot a generic cover letter from a mile away,” she says. “Candidates need to show that they are truly interested in the position and have put in the effort to tailor their application to the specific job and company.”

In addition to customizing their cover letters, Smith also recommends that job seekers use AI tools to improve other aspects of their job search, such as optimizing their resume for applicant tracking systems and practicing for interviews using chatbots. “AI can be a powerful tool for job seekers when used correctly,” she says. “But it’s important to remember that it’s not a substitute for genuine effort and personalization in the job application process.”

Ultimately, members of Generation Z should strive to strike a balance between using AI tools to streamline their job search and putting in the effort to create personalized, impactful cover letters that will catch the attention of recruiters. By taking the time to craft thoughtful cover letters that showcase their unique skills and experiences, job seekers can increase their chances of standing out in a competitive job market and landing their dream job.