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Home » Biden sits for ABC News interview as he weathers Trump debate fallout

Biden sits for ABC News interview as he weathers Trump debate fallout

President Joe Biden sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC News on Wednesday, as he continues to weather the fallout from his first debate with former President Donald Trump.

The interview, conducted by ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, covered a wide range of topics, including Biden’s performance in the debate, his plans for the future, and his response to Trump’s attacks.

During the interview, Biden reflected on his debate performance, admitting that he may have been caught off guard by Trump’s aggressive tactics. He also defended his record and his policy proposals, emphasizing his commitment to unifying the country and addressing the challenges facing the American people.

Biden’s interview comes at a critical time in his presidency, as he faces mounting criticism from Republicans and some Democrats over his handling of the crisis in Afghanistan and his efforts to pass a major infrastructure package. The fallout from the debate with Trump has only added to the pressure on Biden to deliver on his promises and prove that he is up to the task of leading the country.

Despite the challenges he faces, Biden remains optimistic about his ability to make progress on his agenda and bring about positive change for the American people. In the interview, he reiterated his commitment to working with both parties to find common ground and move the country forward.

Overall, Biden’s interview with ABC News provided a glimpse into his leadership style and his vision for the future. As he continues to navigate the challenges of his presidency, Biden will need to draw on his experience and his ability to connect with the American people in order to overcome the obstacles in his path and deliver on his promises.