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Home » Apple App Store rules are in breach of EU tech rules, regulators say

Apple App Store rules are in breach of EU tech rules, regulators say

The European Union’s tech regulators have accused Apple of violating EU competition rules with its App Store policies. The regulators have raised concerns about Apple’s strict rules and fees that developers must adhere to in order to distribute their apps through the App Store.

One of the main issues highlighted by regulators is Apple’s requirement that developers use its in-app payment system, which charges a commission of up to 30% on all transactions. This rule has been a point of contention for many developers, who argue that it stifles competition and limits their ability to offer alternative payment options to users.

In addition, regulators have also criticized Apple’s strict control over the App Store and its approval process for new apps. They argue that Apple’s review process is opaque and arbitrary, leading to inconsistent enforcement of its rules and potentially unfair treatment of developers.

The EU regulators have called on Apple to make changes to its App Store policies to address these concerns and ensure fair competition in the digital marketplace. They have also warned that if Apple fails to comply with EU rules, it could face hefty fines and other penalties.

Apple has defended its App Store policies, arguing that they are necessary to maintain a secure and high-quality experience for users. The company has also pointed out that developers have the option to distribute their apps through other channels, such as web browsers or alternative app stores.

The dispute between Apple and the EU regulators is just the latest in a series of high-profile battles between tech giants and antitrust authorities around the world. As the digital economy continues to grow and evolve, it is clear that regulations and oversight will play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of the tech industry.