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Amazon doubling value of credits for startups to build on AWS cloud

Amazon recently announced that it will be doubling the value of credits for startups who are looking to build on its AWS cloud platform. This move comes as a part of Amazon’s ongoing efforts to support and foster innovation within the startup community.

The AWS Activate program, which provides startups with credits and technical support to help them get started on the AWS cloud, will now offer up to $100,000 in credits for eligible startups. This is double the previous amount of $50,000 that was offered.

This increase in credits will allow startups to scale their operations more quickly and efficiently, as they will have access to more resources and support from AWS. Startups will be able to use these credits towards services such as compute, storage, and database solutions, as well as tools for machine learning and analytics.

In addition to the increase in credits, Amazon is also expanding the range of services that startups can access through the AWS Activate program. This includes access to technical training and support, as well as networking opportunities with other startups and industry experts.

Amazon’s decision to double the value of credits for startups is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. By providing startups with the resources they need to build and scale their businesses on the AWS cloud, Amazon is helping to drive growth and success within the startup community.

Overall, this move is a positive development for startups looking to leverage the power of cloud computing to fuel their growth and innovation. With access to more credits and resources from AWS, startups will be better positioned to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape.